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Encompassing a no-nonsense minimal design philosophy, this penthouse-apartment is naturally adorned with the intrinsic beauty of textures, that’re also functionally relevant for insulation, good acoustics, temperature regulation, seepage prevention etc. Although disconnected from nature by their modern and enforcing metropolitan surroundings, the spaces, especially the Living with its Garden-Wall and Skylight, enjoy bounties of natural light and have an indoor-outdoor feel to them; cohesively uniting with a balcony for gatherings or good-weather-days.


The design theme is contemporary, where inspiration is derived from personalities and forms in turn, are derived from this inspiration, while borrowing elements from the core language and palette of the home. For instance, the elderly residents expressed fascination towards Palaces, and thus their room is inspired by Classical Indian aesthetics, while maintaining an individualistic minimal style. A royal blue colour, white statuario stone, traditional jharokha-like forms and an ergonomic jhoola complete the essence of this room. Contrary to this mood, another room offers panoramic views of the city skyline, fuelling an enterprising nature for a young millennial.


The palette is rich in Maple Wood, Concrete, Natural Stone, Glass and Metal.

Space transitions are subtle, quiet and sophisticated; as unobtrusive frameless doors create an element of wonder with their unanticipated transitional function in a seamless aesthetic. The home features outdoor-façade blinds instead of curtains and is fully-automated.




No-Nonsense & Minimal Philosophy

 Illuminating the half-truth that Architects draw lines on paper, the design intends to highlight the value of these “lines” by placing each one precariously, emphasising on the Golden ratio.  



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